macOS vs Windows performance

macOS vs Windows performance  


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Not sure if it's documented anywhere else with actual numbers but I plan on running a few tests. All tests are on a 2017 MBP 13inch paired with a Vega 56 ref model. Monitor is an LG 5K Ultrafine connected to the Macbook so both OS's are pushing the GPU back through the MBP and on to the screen (effectively treating it like an internal) @1440 res.

So far, I have tried Metro Redux and Rocket League.

Rocket League on highest settings I was around 50-60fps in macOS while in Windows 60-90.
Metro 2033 Redux was 30-35fps in macOS and 60-80fps in Windows on high settings but with SSAA on none (as this causes the game to render at a higher resolution - x2 would result in it being at 5k).

Will be adding and expanding on this.

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This is generally what I've found when comparing macOS to Windows as well. The two games I've compared are "Heroes of the Storm" and "Fortnite" (when I could actually get it to run on macOS). Framerates were about 30-40 frames higher on Windows.

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I did a bit of testing of this for my linux build post. I found the two biggest factors to be:
1. Render API (OpenGL vs DirectX vs Metal) and
2. Thermal Limits.
For the API issue, I found OpenGL to be obviously worse than DirectX, but games running on Metal were closer to windows performance. I only tested 1 game (Hitman) so I'd like to see if other people see the same thing.
In terms of thermal limits, it seemed like in Windows the CPU was happy to run up to its maximum temperature (105 deg C), but in macOS it wouldn't always get so hot. I'm not sure if this is just a weird thermal quirk of my system but to be sure I tested with CPU frequency limits set so temperature would be less of an issue.

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windows has upper hand in term of gaming performance because in most of  windows running systems, laptop you could easily upgrade GPU,Ram, Processor etc, but macOS is not compatible with PC gaming, and it is very difficult to upgrade apple machines, it is more focused for developers and professionals.

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