Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond
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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond  


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Any Oculus link users on here that have read the (pretty stinking high) minimum specs for MoH, took the plunge anyways and are still having a good experience?

Cyberpunk 2077 is running like a champ in ultra/high automatic settings with my configuration, but the Vega II is closer in comparison to a 2080 than a Vega 64, and I don't believe that any Mac is going to meet the CPU specs for this game, so I was just curious if any of you said "F-it", bought the game and it's still an enjoyable experience, or if it's lag/crash city.

I'm going to look around a bit more and if I can't find any Mac + eGPU reviews, I'll take the plunge and see what happens. 

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