New Navi card leaks...  

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Just seen the new Navi cards leaks - with the cards expected in Jan/Feb.... sound very very impressive... also noticed the lowest end card will be 75w power draw so would be able to run inside a Node lite with only a PSU swap (form factor permitting).

Could be a super nice small form factor eGPU, prob miles to early, but hoping for some new eGPU options early 2019...

Anyone heard any rumours anywhere? Mantiz SFF eGPU ever materialising? @mantizjohn ?

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Good to hear new AMD cards are coming. I'd be cautious of launch prices though. I remember the RX 480 was supposed to be a $200 GPU. They launched at closer to $300. Same thing with the RX Vega lineup.

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@itsage Actually initially for a bit the RX480 was at expected price - I remember getting mine for $190 new. So maybe some early-birds making quick purchases have a chance of grabbing the GPUs at decent rates.
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