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Oculus Link with an eGPU - any chance to get this to work?

Oculus Link with an eGPU - any chance to get this to work?  


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Hi folks

Update: Funny, just after I posted this suddenly there's a prompt for another software update and now it works. =) But still only on the USB port(s) of the eGPU and not any of the Macbook USB 3 ports.

So to sum it up -- i got the recommended Anker cable ( and even added another usb 3.0 3-meter extension cable and Link works with it. The Mantiz Venus USB connection is a bit flaky though, so I would prefer to connect the whole thing directly to the Macbook. This seems not to work, though, and I am wondering why.
Maybe it's the adapter (used 3 different ones; Headset is not found like like disconnected with any of them). Or maybe it's another cause?

So now I'm wondering - when the official USB-C to USB-C 5-meter cable comes out, will it work when plugged directly to the Macbook? Or is a USB-A to USB-C cable needed and plugged into the eGPU enclosure?

Pragmatically, would an upgrade to the Razer Core X Chroma (with more stable USB) be a sustainable fix? Or should it anyways work on one of the laptop ports (which should be stable) as well?

Did anybody else already try it? What's your experiences?

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Late 2016 15" MBP w/ Radeon Pro 460, 2m CalDigit TB3 cable, Mantiz Venus eGPU case, NVidia GTX 1080ti.

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I tried this with a Mac Pro 2013 with no luck, haven’t tried since release date and my gtx1080 is not recognized in boot camp.

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Great topic!


I'm a Quest owner and I'm thinking about buying a gaming PC just for VR.

The thing is, that in afew days my new workhorse, a 16"MBP i9 will show up. That could be my chance to get into all this bootcamp/eGPU mess - but should I, or is it too much fiddling?


any idea or help is appreciated! 🙂

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Maybe on that latest MBP Oculus Quest + Link would even run without an eGPU already. But AMD graphics is not yet supported in the beta version.
Otherwise, I do recommend an eGPU. Best value if you already have a suitable laptop. 😉 

Also got the Quest + Link running in the meanwhile. Here's what I did:

- Using the recommended Anker cable + a USB 3.0 3meter extension cable. 

- Had to connect the Quest to a USB port of the eGPU (not every port works, but some do work).

- To get more stable USB on the eGPU (with Mantiz Venus): Did turn off WiFi and Bluetooth (airplane mode). Running Ethernet via an USB adapter. Also installed the Oculus Tray tool, which helps to put USB out of power saving mode. Additionally went through all USB controllers and put them to high power / maximum performance mode. Sometimes windows power saving may otherwise cause some flaky USB behavior.

- Doing the above, the setup is actually already running quite nicely! So i can recommend it. 🙂 

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Late 2016 15" MBP w/ Radeon Pro 460, 2m CalDigit TB3 cable, Mantiz Venus eGPU case, NVidia GTX 1080ti.

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