RTX3080 Cooling in EGPUS air flow
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RTX3080 Cooling in EGPUS air flow  


Felipe Cavallini
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So after the reveal  of the RTX3080 I have been checking the cooling system. And I find it incompatible with my razer core x.  In the razer core x the cool air comes in from the right and exits on  the left. With this new type of cooling, warm air from the card would be  ejected to the right, so you have   contradicting air flows. Do you think this will be an issue?  Curious to hear your thoughts. 

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Alex Prachuablarb
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You could just turn the fan's direction in the Razer Core X case, should be fairly easy to do. My main issue is that it might be too small for the stock RTX 3080

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I double checked the dimensions, it looks like it should easily fit in my Sonnet Breakaway Box 550. The part I'm concerned with is whether the power supply is up to the task. :/


EDIT: looks like it probably will since it's a 320W card

Supports cards requiring 375W of power 


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