Severe drop in FPS as compared to Superposition Benchmar
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Severe drop in FPS as compared to Superposition Benchmar  


Omar Sultan
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Hi guys,

I'm currently running some comparisons between a G5 5590 with an 9750H Processor and RTX 2070 Max Q against the Razer Core X (RTX 2080 Super) connected to the same laptop.


In terms of Super Position Extreme HD, the results are as expected the 2070 Max Q Scored 3950 while the RTX 2080S EGPU scored 6500 (Both results are inline with other results i've seen online)

However, when i try to run Assassin's Creed Odyssey , the 2070 is really outpeforming the 2080S by a good 10-15 FPS on Ultra Settings 1080p. Is that normal, that ther eis a difference between Superposition and in game?

Final note, in both trials I'm connected to an external monitor and not the laptop's

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