star citizen and escape from tarkov on mbp 13 with egpu questions
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star citizen and escape from tarkov on mbp 13 with egpu questions  


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i'm new to  this forum so i hope it's ok to ask for some gaming tests:
Im planning on buying a new MacBook Pro, preferable 13 inch with i5/16GB Ram/512 SSD with an eGPU to replace my 2012 rMbp 15 inch and my old gaming pc.

I'm playing Star Citizen (yes i know its an alpha, not optimized, a scam, ...) and planing on getting Escape from Tarkov.

Does anyone have these games and a similar MacBook Pro Setup and can give me some FPS Numbers and CPU temperatures while playing?
i don't have decided on a graphic card yet.


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I have a few gaming benchmarks in my build guides that may help... whatever you buy you’ll get a fair bit better performance than me due to quad core cpu and a non tb3 monitor.

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