Thunderbolt AIC (Gigabyte Titan Ridge Rev 2.0) on Asus X570-I strix Motherboard ...
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Thunderbolt AIC (Gigabyte Titan Ridge Rev 2.0) on Asus X570-I strix Motherboard not connecting to Egpu  


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Hi I have a gigabyte Titan ridge 2.0 AIC connected to the ASUS X570 I STRIX motherboard with a ryzen 5950x on it , I am able to get thunderbolt drivers installed, I had to short the pins 5 and 3 on the thunderbolt header to get the AIC to start up, I am able to run Display port pass through, hot plug USB 3.1 devices and I can also get it to recognize external thunderbolt enclosures, but I am unable to detect the external GPU plugged into the thunderbolt enclosure .If I plug the same enclosure in my razer blade I can see the egpu in device manager in addition to this I am able to install the right drivers for the RTX 2080ti gpu installed within. But no matter what I do I am unable to see the GPU in my Ryzen windows PC when connected via the AIC. Looking in device manager I see the PCIE to PCIE device driver is malfunctioning and that happens only when I connect the EGPU.

More details about my system, I have an internal RTX 3090 GPU on the PCIE16 expansion slot, and I have a m.2 to PCIE16x Riser which is used to connect the AIC , is this causing an issue ?

The EGPU enclosure the Akitio Node with a 600 Watt SFX PSU.

Even though I cannot use both GPU's at the same time, At the very least I should be able to see the egpu recognized.

I understand that this is a very unusual set up but if anyone can help me get the EGPU recognized. 

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@maverick123, The M.2 to PCIe riser is likely the issue in this setup. If you were to use the M.2 slot for eGPU, I'd recommend a more performant option in the ADT-Link R43SG adapter.


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