Torn between gaming rig and Mac mini egpu setup.
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Torn between gaming rig and Mac mini egpu setup.  


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Right now I have a 2018 Mac mini 6 core i5 with 32gb ram which I use for software development. I also have an aging gaming rig with an i7 8700, 16gb ram, and an RX 5700 non xt. I game on a 32 inch LG 75hz monitor and the gaming rig pulls the 75. Hz at 1440p easily on high settings. I’m tired of the bulky gaming rig and have a buyer willing to pay enough for it for me to buy a 2080 super and a used MacBook Air M1.  Would the Mac mini and 2080 super be able to pull 75 fps at 1440p in games like Warzone, modern warfare, bf 2042, cod vanguard, Tarkov, etc?   Thanks in advance.  Btw my enclosure is a powercolor game station.

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