Video Playback of any Kind of Gaming Video Stutters a lot

Video Playback of any Kind of Gaming Video Stutters a lot  


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I'm on a bootcamped Mac Mini 2018 with a Razer Core X and RX5700XT running driver version 19.8.1 and Windows 10 build 1903.

Whenever I try to watch any kind of Twitch Stream or a youtube video of a game, the video stutters heavily. The audio doesn't suffer at all, but the video lags and jumps constantly. 

Another problem I was hoping to find some kind of help for is that if I try to capture desktop audio with OBS it captures no sound from headphones. The only sound capture that works is the AMD High Definition Audio Device, but it is outputting to a monitor with no speakers, and as I wish to use headphones this does me no good. I think the problem is related to the fact that my headphones are labelled as an Apple audio device, but am not sure.

Final grievance is that sometimes sound just cuts out in my headphones, and I am completely unsure of the cause. The fix has been to unplug and plug them back in, but I would like to find a solution to this as well.


Thanks for any kind of help!

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