XPS17 RTX2060 or eGPU 1080
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XPS17 RTX2060 or eGPU 1080  


Martin Couture
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I recently move my rig from a desktop Ryzen + GTX 1080 to an XPS17 (10875H+RTX2060). I do casual gaming like Cities Skylines on my 1440 monitor or Fenyx Rysing. I still have my EVGA GTX 1080 in my rig and have yet to sell it.

I'm wondering if I should keep the 1080 with a Razer Core or if it not be an improvement over the RTX 2060. So far, the RTX is OK when I play on the 1080p built-in monitor. 

Otherwise I'll sell it while it is worth it. 



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@martin_couture, I would say to sell the GTX 1080 while it's worth more atm. Compared to the RTX 2060 dGPU, I don't think you'd see any appreciable gain through the Thunderbolt 3 connection.


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The TB3 connection would mean the GTX 1080 TB3 eGPU would perform worse than the RTX 2060 dGPU. You could equalize performance by implementing a M.2 eGPU as shown at:


Then improve performance by upgrade the GTX 1080 to a GTX 1080 Ti or better.

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