0x208 SDK Service NOT Found [XPS 7390 2-in-1]
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0x208 SDK Service NOT Found [XPS 7390 2-in-1]  


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Hi everyone, 

So after a few weeks playing with my XPS 9365 and Aorus RX580 gaming box, I bought the new XPS 7390 2 in 1 (because of the 4 lanes). I've encountered lots of problems but they are mostly Dell's.

But now, I want to change the firmware of the Aorus gaming box to H2D and I met with "0x208 SDK Service not found" regardless of what version Firmware update tool I tried (both from Gigabyte and Intel). Non of the solutions I found online worked for me.

The situation: the gaming box works (i have not tested gaming yet) and the displays I connected to it showed up with driver installed and everything. Just that I can't update the firmware H2D (it runs at 1600mib/s now which is the original firmware)

Another issue is that if I plug the eGPU in while the laptop is on, it disable Wifi, Bluetooth, and I can't turn it back on unless I restart the laptop with the eGPU plugged in. 

I appreciate any insight or suggestion. This is very frustrating.

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Yevhenii Pashkov
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hi, have you solved the issue? I also want to install H2D and having the same 

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@yevhenii_pashkov, Which Intel Thunderbolt software version are you running? The H2D firmware update tool tends to require an older version such as Intel Thunderbolt Software


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