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2016 15" MBPr Windows boot "stuck"

2016 15" MBPr Windows boot "stuck"  


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First of I am using the 2016 15" MacBook Pro (entry level) with the GTX 1070 Aorus Gaming box.
After installing Windows 10 through bootcamp and setting it up with this tutorial Everything was perfect. Then I was out of town for a week and when I came back I couldn`t boot into Windows. I thought i fucked up something so i reinstalled Windows and it worked just fine again. Up until the point when i boot from OS X back to Windows (with rEFInd and the apple_set_os.efi ofc) the loading screen just get Stuck. When this happened for the first time i did get the output from the Graphics card to the external monitor but for some reason the card was being utilized on 100% all the time. So i decided to reinstall yet again. It was all perfect again but then when i booted to OS X, I couldn't boot back to Windows. But this time i cannot see the output on the external screen. I can hear the Windows sounds when upluging USB and stuff but cannot see anything on screen (Nor internal or external).
Is there something i have done wrong? I need to use the OS X for Swift programming and the Windows for occasional gaming.

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