2019 MacBook 15" Stutter/Frame Skip (Weird Issue) dGPU might be interfering with...
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2019 MacBook 15" Stutter/Frame Skip (Weird Issue) dGPU might be interfering with eGPU  


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I am currently using a  MBP  2019 15" and have hooked up a  Razer Core V2  w/ a  GTX 1080  hooked up.

It's been a while since I've used my eGPU due to school, etc. Today, I decided to hop on CS:GO as I used to play that game a ton back home. Upon launching it, I found out that frames were semi-skipping. The best way to describe this issue would be that the frames stutter and you can see pixels move slowly and a bunch of tearing occurs. If you've ever seen displays have their refresh rate overclocked and artifacts begin to show, it's somewhat like that. 

With some trouble shooting that I've done, I've found out that by having Task Manager open while I run the game my dGPU is doing some sort of computational work with 3D graphics - exactly the same as my eGPU; however, my eGPU is also doing the Video Encoding etc. (the heavy work). 

I am utilizing MS Hybrid and it has been working perfectly for games such as F1 2018. I'm surprised that I haven't seen any frame skips with that game, maybe since it isn't as demanding. 

I am very stumped and if you have advice on how to go about fixing this that would be very much appreciated.

Thank you a ton in advance!

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