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8705G Vega APU better with AMD or Nvidia eGPU?

8705G Vega APU better with AMD or Nvidia eGPU?  


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I have a Spectre x360 15t with Intel's 8705G and Vega graphics.

I was wondering if there was an advantage to pairing this APU with an AMD RX or Vega card, to perhaps combine the power of both the iGPU/dGPU and an eGPU? I would like to run internal and external GPU's at the same time, and possibly use their processing/graphics power together. Is something like that a viable reason for purchasing an AMD eGPU over an Nvidia eGPU, or would I be better off going with Nvidia for their more recent GPU updates? I recall Hybrid Crossfire/Dual Graphics being an option for a situation like this, was that a possibility?

I feel that it would be a waste of the Vega graphics on the 8705G if they become unusable whenever an external GPU was connected. Surely there's some way to use that power while connected via Thunderbolt 3?

Any suggestions/tips for optimal performance with this CPU/APU would be great! I just want to be sure I'm making the best purchase, combined-performance-wise.

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It’s generally easier when the eGPU is from a different brand than dGPU. It’s due to incompatibility with the drivers for dGPU. If you decide to get and AMD eGPU, it’s best to run DDU first and remove all Radeon drivers. Manually install latest Radeon drivers for dGPU and eGPU when both are visible in Device Manager. Also Crossfire/SLI does not work with eGPU.

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