A Challenge If you dare MBP 15" mid 2017 + with HP Omen Accelerator + R9 fury
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A Challenge If you dare MBP 15" mid 2017 + with HP Omen Accelerator + R9 fury  


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A Challenge If you Dare

Followed Every single step of this to its entirity with little to no luck


Plus the other 3 guides for MBP bootcamp guides and drivers 

I currently have reFInd successfully installed, also have apple_offset.efi running correct to designate the iGPU to the internal display and have the drivers installed for intel HD Graphics and that running fine.

I Have disabled the PCIe Controller x8 -1905 lane
This is to free up the lanes enough for the eGPU to be recognized but it never gets that far.

Under the next section - PCIe Controller x4 -1909

at one point It showed the 15D2 thunderbolt device and in the Thunderbolt Attached Devices the 15D2 actually showed up for a few minutes but following a system restart never again  has it shown up/being detected which breaks my heart, I almost had progress.

If anyone Has Any advice in anyway please throw it at me!!!

on that note The HP Omen Has no power button  and is meant to light up the front HUD when it is fully detected and semi running, I have never got that far which is again sad.

I have also fully reset my system multiple times and done this using Macs installed thunderbolt drivers and and Intel NUC drivers.

Please lord help me Smile

PS. been at this for 7 days with little to no progress.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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