Akitio Node With Acer VN7-792g Issues

Akitio Node With Acer VN7-792g Issues  


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I have downloaded all of the thunderbolt 3 updates to software and firmware that were available for my laptop. The TB3 version number is and the nvm version is 15. And at first it worked and the blue light in the front turned on as well as the lights on the gpu. However when i tried to download the drivers for the Gpu (gtx1080) it suddenly disconnected and it has not been recognized by TB3 yet. the only place that it shows up on is in devices as an unspecified usb device.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I can also send screenshots if I have to

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What Windows version are you on?

Have you tried installing the GTX1080 NVidia driver regardless of the status in device manager?

I used to get problems with Thunderbolt devices not showing up in device manager properly, but i just installed eGPU driver regardless
and it worked.

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