AMD Driver Software issue: PC freezing if tabbing out of a game on Adrenalin 19....
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AMD Driver Software issue: PC freezing if tabbing out of a game on Adrenalin 19.2.2  


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I recently setup my Lenovo S730 with a Razer Core X and an Asus RX580. When plugged in originally, it will automatically install all relevant Windows drivers to be functional, including AMD Graphics Driver 17.1.1.

With 17.1.1 installed, the system is stable and performs well, with no major issues. I installed Adrenalin 19.2.2 (Current) to my system which updated successfully (Showed as 19.2.2 on AMD Radeon Settings / Adrenalin). This is where the problem started.

Under normal conditions, such as on the desktop or browsing on Google Chrome, there are no instability problems. If I open a game (For example, Overwatch or Apex Legends) it will run without issue, but if I tab out of the game onto the desktop or another program, the system will freeze for maybe 1/4 of a second, every 5 seconds.

This problem ONLY appears when there is a cursor on the screen. For example, if I am playing Apex Legends and have tabbed out and back into the game, while actually aiming / moving the character there is no freezing, but if I open my inventory or the settings where there is an in game cursor, the freezing will begin. If I exit the game, the issue will continue until the computer is reset. The issue appears to only impact the display, as during the system freezes the audio will continue, as will the mouse movements or typing.

I have since uninstalled and reinstalled the Core X drivers, and am currently using Adrenalin 17.1.1. This is stable and appears to have no issues, but I would much prefer to use more updated drivers particularly if I am running newer titles such as Apex.

I have done some research, which appears to have similar results. I know people have experienced a similar issue when using the USB Ports on a Razer Core (Which is not applicable to me) and potentially a problem with Windows 10 and AMD Drivers.

If anyone has experienced this issue, or something similar, please let me know what you do about the issue. 

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