Aorus Gaming Box 1070 works, 1080 does not, any thoughts?
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Aorus Gaming Box 1070 works, 1080 does not, any thoughts?  


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Hi all,

I've a fair amount of experience at this point with eGPU. I have a working install of a Aorus Gaming Box 1070 on a MacBook Pro 15-inch (2016) with Radeon 460 and macOS 10.12.6. Still using automate-eGPU and the latest drivers and CUDA. I don't recall if I did the firmware update for the Gaming Box 1070 since I'm not very experienced with Windows or Bootcamp. But since I use the Gaming Box 1070 for CUDA in macOS with good performance, I don't worry.

I picked up a Gaming Box 1080 to see if I got significant performance improvements, but the unit is simply not recognized in macOS. I can use the same cables, port and everything with my 1070 box and it works fine. I shut down the MacBook, switch over the cables to the 1080 box, and nothing. The unit doesn't even show up in System Information.

Is there something I'm overlooking in the initial setup? Is the 1080 box any different? Or do I have a D.O.A. unit?

Any advice appreciated!

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They should work the same way in 10.2.6. If you still have both, can you swap the GPU to the other enclosure to see if it makes a difference?

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