Aorus Gaming Box 2070 and Dell Precision 7510 Quadro M2000M
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Aorus Gaming Box 2070 and Dell Precision 7510 Quadro M2000M  


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Want to share my experience. First I want to say that Aorus Gaming Box is great product - I mean - l really like how it looks and takes up little space. All eGPUs should be like that.

But now to the point. I have Dell laptop with Intel Iris GPU on CPU + dedicated NVidia Quadro M2000M card. It was quite some trouble to get both M2000M and external GPU work together but in the end trick was to uninstall Quadro M2000M drivers and install RTX 2070 drivers, which support both cards. So far so good - both cards show up and all good! BUT!!!

I was playing around with switchable graphics options in BIOS (it can disable Intel card + controls how and to which card hdmi port is routed, etc...). And then one time after I had switched BIOS settings I ran Superposition benchmark and to my surprise now I was getting 40fps on 1080p extreme instead of 20fps (on external RTX2070 running at 100% load).

So I decided to dig in deeper and started playing around with Aorus Gaming Box drivers only to find my self back at 20fps. 🙁 

After 2 days of playing with Aorus and NVidia drivers and Aorus Engine versions I decided to again switch on and off switchable graphics in BIOS and to my surprise and relief I was again hitting 40fps.

So few more hours later and here are my discoveries - it seems that NVIDIA driver somehow silently conflicts and does not work optionally if dedicated GPU (Quadro M2000M) is loaded first. When this happen you will observe following symptoms:

1) 20fps @ Superposition benchmark 1080p Extreme

2) High RTX 2070 fan speed even with no load

3) RTX 2070 GPU will rarely reach temperature above 50C at 100 load


What to do? Try to uninstall Quadro M2000M from device manager. First disable it. While RTX2070 is connected. Reboot system. Usually windows will reinstall Quadro M2000M after login but RTX2070 will be conntected already at login screen. Also you can try just uinstalling Quadro M2000M and then RTX2070 and then reconnect thunderbolt. Windows will then discover both cards again, but if you get lucky RTX2070 fan speed will be low which means that it was configured correctly.

Also I played around with H2D vs regular driver. Althought I was able to observe 2x speed difference in CUDA-Z host-to-device (from 1200MiB/s to 2000MiB/s) but it only had few fps difference in Superposition benchmark so I decided to stick with regular Thunderbolt driver (Aorus Gaming Box). 

Speaking of Aorus Gaming Box drivers - there are 3 of them. V1.3 is something unrelated to Thunderbolt and you should install it either way. And then there is H2D and regular v10 driver - these are thunderbolt drivers that change some thunderbolt allocation.

Now about Aorus Engine - I am not sure if you should or should not install it but know that it also wont play well with 2 GPUs. When running it make sure that dedicated GPU is disabled and uninstalled. It won't work correctly when H2D driver is used (it has some USB issues). And it wont work correctly when eGPU fan is speeding. You can tell that it is working correctly if GPU BOOST Autoscan feature does not fail.

Thats it. Smile

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Aorus Gaming Box RTX 2070 + Dell Precision 7510 Xeon E3-1575 with Quadro M2000M

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