Are enclosure VRM temps a concern when Overclocking?
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Are enclosure VRM temps a concern when Overclocking?  


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I am thinking of overclocking my Msi GTX 1070 but am a little concerned with VRM temps, MOSFETs and the like (an area I don't know a whole lot about). Can anyone give me a second opinion on whether it is safe to OC in this regard? Just for context, I am using a Sonnet Breakaway Box 350 and have tried to find this data in HWinfo but there is no sensor for it. 

I believe the air cooling on the card itself is adequate. Instead, I am more focussed on the VRMs on the board within the enclosure that the card is placed on; I can't tell whether the cooling is adequate or even if this is even a problem at all. 


I realise this question is quite specialist so any advice would be appreciated. I can provide photos if needed.

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