ASUS X570 I-STRIX -> Rear M.2-> ADT Link M.2 to PCIE16 Adapter-> Gigabyte Titan ...
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ASUS X570 I-STRIX -> Rear M.2-> ADT Link M.2 to PCIE16 Adapter-> Gigabyte Titan Ridge rev 2.0 Thunderbolt 3 AIC-> (Thunderbolt 3 cable)->Akitio Node + RTX 2080TI , Windows 10 EGPU detected in device manager, but NOT by NVIDIA control panel ,Unable to...  


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Hi ,

I am trying to get thunderbolt 3 to work on my AMD desktop system which I built recently, the system has a Ryzen 9 5950x with a RTX 3090 FE DGPU on the ASUS I-STRIX X570 motherboard. Chain of devices is as mentioned in the topic title.Some of the hoops I had to jump through to make this system work are as follows 

1) Shorting pins 2 and 3 on the 5 pin THB_C header of the Gigabyte Titan Ridge Rev 2.0 AIC

2) Added Hack flags 0x600 in windows registry to enumerate the PCIE bus after boot up

So far what I see working is the following

1) Thunderbolt controller gets detected by windows and I am able to complete driver installation from gigabyte's website.

2) I got Windows 10 to detect the Akitio Node EGPU case on hot plugging to the Titan Ridge AIC (I had to allow connection to this device using the thunderbolt app , but this is standard ) 

3) Thunderbolt networking works when setup in peer to peer mode between my razer blade 15 laptop and the desktop (Detecting a 20Gbps Ethernet link and I am able to transfer data both ways at 1GBps) Smile  

4) EGPU (RTX 2080TI) detected in device manager, I DDU'd the entire system and reinstalled latest drivers for the RTX 3090 DGPU and the RTX 2080TI EGPU Smile  

That is sadly where all the good news stops

I am facing the following issues

1) USB 3.0/3.1 functionality does not work , hot plugging my external usb 3.0 type C pendrive does not work/drive is not detected

2) Even though the EGPU(RTX 2080Ti ) is detected, I am unable to drive/detect another display using the EGPU

3) Cannot detect two GPU's inside NVIDIA control panel

4) Can't see two GPU's inside MSI afterburner but I see them in GPU-Z

5) After wake up from sleep, the PC crashes abruptly every time and this happens only when the EGPU is connected over Thunderbolt 3

I am tearing my hair out trying to fix this , any help is welcome

Thank you

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