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Auto-activate eGPU?  


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Hi together!

I'm using my own eGPU build now for about two weeks and I'm very happy with it! However, I still see one small inconvenience in the workflow:

If I want to disconnect the eGPU from the laptop I use the GPU's Tray-Icon to disconnect it before disconnecting the cable. That's ok.

However, when I reconnect the eGPU the tray icon is no more there so I have to open the device manager and activate the GPU again there. That's quite annoying. Do you know if there is a nicer way to do that? Like a desktop-placed-script I could just run to reactivate or similar? Or is this a general thing everyone is doing?

My setup if that helps for answering:

- Gigabyte GTX-1070
- ADT-Link R43SG GPU to M.2 adapter
- JEYI Leidian M.2 to TB3
- Dell DA-2 power supply
- External screen connected to eGPU

- Lenovo C940
- i5-1035G4 CPU
- 16GB Ram
- 2TB SSD (upgraded from original 512GP)

Thanks already in advance for any hints!

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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