Awful battery life since eGPU drivers installed
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[Solved] Awful battery life since eGPU drivers installed  


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Been having an issue that has been troublesome for me this past week.

Laptop: RB15 2019 w/ GTX 2060 dGPU installed

EGPU: Razer Core X Chroma w/ 2080ti

My initial driver install went as such:

1. Current drivers installed for dGPU

2. Plug in thunderbolt 3 cable from eGPU

3. Install eGPU drivers

This... "worked". But I had bad issues with microstuttering on the second screen unless I forced my dGPU and my iGPU to be disabled in device manager. My battery life also became awful when I wasn't using the eGPU - I went from having a 4.5hr battery life on normal usage to 1.5hr doing nothing.

I used DDU to clean my system, updated iGPU drivers, then installed dGPU drivers, then installed eGPU drivers. This "sort of" solved my microstutter - I now only microstuttered if my dGPU was enabled, but didn't have problems if my iGPU was enabled. Since I would only need to use my dGPU if I decided to game on the go, I felt OK with this comprimise. But, my battery life was still awful.

Today, I tried another clean wipe of drivers and this time installed factory recommended drivers for my laptop, figuring that because my dGPU and eGPU are part of the same family that they should only need one driver set to run. Unfortunately my eGPU is completely incompatable - it isn't even detected, and caused a BSOD when I tried to boot with my eGPU plugged in. But... my battery life has improved. I still can't get the full 4.5hr I used to be able to do, but now I can do a solid 2.5-3.5.

What gives? Google hasn't really had any answers for me and I'm hoping this community does. Clearly I need to install 2080ti drivers to run my eGPU... but that makes my laptop almost unusable as a laptop. I thought these were all supposed to play nice with each other?

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Update on this. It appears I've fixed this by following the steps in this post:


Key things to keep in mind:

1. Install eGPU drivers first, then the dGPU drivers from CUDA

2. Make sure you go through the installer after manual driver install otherwise you won't get nvidia control center, which is needed to properly get the tb3 connection to hotplug

3. This has solved the micro stutter issue I had on my external monitor when the iGPU/dGPU were enabled alongside the eGPU as well. But I still get a big performance/stutter penalty when playing games just for having my iGPU and dGPU enabled. So this still isn't as seamless as I want. When plugged in I need to disable my laptop's cards, basically.

4. When on battery, I need to make sure I have both the iGPU and dGPU enabled in device manager, and for best results do a restart. It works fine hot unplugged but as long as the GPU switcher panel is active I lose about an hour and half of battery. Restarting while disconnected to eGPU prevents the GPU switcher from loading, it appears - and thus I gain 1-2 hours of battery.


It's a shame this isn't nearly as seamless as advertised but I'm happy in that I'm getting it all to work without sacrificing performance/battery now.

2021 16" Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 6 (RTX3060) [11th,8C,H] + RTX 3090 @ 32Gbps-TB4 (Razer Core X Chroma) + Win10 21H1 [build link]  

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Thank you for all this information, I just wanted to add that this worked for me but some other info I was wondering throughout the process. 


1. The 1650 will not show in device manager if I uninstalled the driver?

True, upon reboot to install the drivers manually, the 1650 will come up under 'other devices' 3D graphics or something along the lines of that. Manually install the drivers on that. 

2. Uninstall Intel Graphics too?

Still not 100% but I did just to be safe. Maybe someone can clarify?

3.   My CUDA install failed, what should I do?

Remember to unselect graphics drivers and CUDA when finishing the installer!



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I bought the RBS early this year, installed Throttle Stop, and acquired the Aorus Gaming Box 2080 Ti. I had the same issue with downgraded battery life after setting up the eGPU. However, I've done something recently and it changes quite drastically.

I replaced the original SSD with a new Samsung Evo 970 1TB, installed new fresh windows OS and all the essential drivers (including Geforce gaming driver - currently 446.14 released on 05.27.20), then plugged in the eGPU to set up the new GPU (it also shares the same driver installed prior). This time, I didn't install Throttle Stop or DDU, nothing. I don't even have to disable the 1650 dGPU while using eGPU (the eGPU is automatically switched to be chosen when plugging in). Everything works fine as fresh, laptop never gets hot, and windows always reports 5-7 hours battery when not using eGPU.

I think it had something to do with drivers before.

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