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Boot camp egpu external monitor display not working windows 10  


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Mar 26, 2019 8:33 am  

Hi I just bootcamped from mac mojave to windows 10 pro 64. I installed the drivers for my graphics card (AMD Radeon RX580) and I installed a thunderbolt driver. I am using a sonnet breakaway box developer edition which connect to an external display. I checked in device manager and found my amd Radeon rx580 in display adapters which shows that it recognises my egpu. However I haven’t been able to connect my display to my external monitor through the sonnet breakaway box. Everything else is fine but is there a driver I need to install or is there issues with my windows I’m not sure. Maybe it’s not possible on windows to connect to a external monitor through a egpu. Need help please.
thanks in advance, Sinon

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