Boot camp Error code 12 on base model 2019 13" MBP (2 TB3 ports)
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Boot camp Error code 12 on base model 2019 13" MBP (2 TB3 ports)  


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Right, so I tried every single method except DSDT override to get my Razer Core X and RX VEGA 64 to work in bootcamp.

  • I downgraded my Windows 10 build to 1803 since many people encountered the dreaded error code 12 after updating to 1903.

  • Tried to boot from apple_set_os.efi. The EFI boot itself works but upon logging in into Windows, error code 12 still appears on device manager.

  • Disabling FaceTime camera and several other PCIE devices to give enough free resources for the egpu to work.

  • Installed bootcamp drivers from (2020 Adrenalin Blue Edition)

Tried all these methods but none worked. I am still new to setting up eGPUs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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2019 13" Macbook Pro, Razer Core X, AMD RX Vega 64

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This thread seems to be tracking the most recent attempts:


Some have had success with swapping the pci.sys file and others say the latest Windows Insider builds fix the problem.

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