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Bootcamp egpu affecting macos  


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So I have an egpu setup (rtx 2070, razer core x, macbook pro 15' 2015 with dedicated gpu), and since using my egpu in bootcamp, the battery while using macos (10.14.3) is dying really fast. Before installing the egpu it was lasting me about 10-12 hours, after the install it lasts me 3-5. I haven't changed any settings in macos, and I'm using the boot manager created by goalque off a usb stick. Tried to do a fresh install of macos, the battery went back to normal and it was lastin easily 10 hours, after first time I booted in bootcamp with the egpu connected, it went back to lasting me 3 hours. My battery was replaced by Apple just a few months ago and it has only 70 cycles, so it is not hardware related. I monitored gpu usage in macos and the system shows that it uses the integrated gpu, in the activity monitor there are no apps that show high energy impact. I have also tried the old refind boot manager method, and I still get the same thing. Any idea of what might drain the battery that fast, while not showing up anywhere? Thanks for any input.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.