Can I leverage the decent onboard GPU of my Lenovo Yoga c940 15 (gtx 1650) in an...
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Can I leverage the decent onboard GPU of my Lenovo Yoga c940 15 (gtx 1650) in anyway?  


Jeton Hoxha
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Recently picked this up:

Price came to under $1300 before taxes. I got it because I wanted a relatively decent 2-in-1, but now that I have discovered eGPUs and the general docking capabilities of thunderbolt I am interested in enhancing the PC when I'm at my desk.


I've done some reading and I believe as far as getting an eGPU set up for this computer it should be doable. What I'm wondering is whether there's any way to leverage the decent gpu already in the computer? Would there be some ideal set up that makes use of it rather than just having it sit there while a big daddy GPU does the heavy lifting?

I'd love to somehow not waste what could be some potential additional processing power, but I get that this is a complex request.


Thanks for any info.

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Arun Langley
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I've wondered the same thing too. My 1050 dgpu in sli with my 2060s egpu would be sweet but i've seen very little on the subject. I might be better off keeping my cpu thermals lower without the dgpu active anyway. Would still be good to know if it's possible.

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