Can Quadro 2000 & RTX 3090 work together in same Laptop?
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Can Quadro 2000 & RTX 3090 work together in same Laptop?  


Joan Zhou
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Hello. In need of society help.
I'm running Dell mobile workstation 7530 (Quadro 2000 internal GPU) with Razer Core X and RTX3090.
Everything was running fine which I can have both graphic cards (Quadro 2000 & RTX3090) working and switchable.
But today when I restarted the laptop, the RTX3090 couldn't be detected also not shown in device manager. I tried to ban and dis-install the Quadro card, but whenever I download RTX3090 driver, it automatically re-install to Quadro. And I am sure there is no issue with Razer Core X or RTX3090 itself, as the light is still on and fan is running, just couldn't be detected.
Has anyone faced such thing? And suggestion to fix the problem?
Thank you.

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