Can’t get to boot select screen in Bootcamp with eGPU connected
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Can’t get to boot select screen in Bootcamp with eGPU connected  


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Hi all, 


I apologise if this has been asked before, and would like to thank the community for all the help that the guides here have given me in getting this far. I’m not a programmer so all of this is new to me, so please consider my total lack of knowledge in any replies!

My setup is as follows:

Mid 2014, 15 inch MacBook Pro, 2.8ghz, with Nvidia 750M dGPU on OSX 10.13.6 & Windows 10 1903, with Blackmagic eGPU (580x) connected to 2 external monitors, one HDMI and one LED Cinema Display over DisplayPort 

It works flawlessly in MacOS using purge-nvda and set-eGPU, everything works as it should, within the caveats of purge-nvda (no screen sleep/brightness controls).

However, with Bootcamp it’s a different story. From the guides here I understand that hot plugging in windows isn’t going to happen, so the advice seems to be to plug the eGPU in before turning the computer on, and holding alt to select automate-eGPU and load windows from there. 
I haven’t been able to get this to work, as the the backlight turns on the internal screen (no signs of life from any others), the chime sounds and it seems to freeze, and nothing happens (I’ve left it for half an hour before running out of patience). If I leave the eGPU unplugged until it gets to the boot select screen, and then plug it in, the system freezes and doesn’t respond. 

The only thing that has got it to work so far in windows is boot with no eGPU, run integrated.bat, shut down and then turn the computer on, wait until the chime sounds, immediately plug the eGPU in, and then boot windows through automate-eGPU. The iGPU is picked up and has drivers installed, and dGPU is disabled in device manager and I have the modified bootcamp drivers installed for the eGPU. So the system seems to be connected correctly/the correct software installed once it actually boots, but something seems to be stopping it from getting to the boot select screen. I have installed DDU and have removed the drivers for the dGPU. I’ve also disabled the FaceTime camera and that removed error 12. 

What I’d like to get it to do is to have a reliable way of connecting it and booting up in windows (I’m happy with hot plugging once macOS has loaded), without relying on my own timing to plug it in (I wonder if I’ve missed installing something? My other issue, is that the HDMI monitor is working perfectly in windows, but the LED Cinema Display isn’t picked up by device manager at all.

If anyone can help, please walk me through the steps, because as I’ve said - I’m a total novice with both windows and eGPU setup in general!

Thanks very much. 


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