CUDA as unified Nvidia driver for both dGPU & eGPU
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CUDA as unified Nvidia driver for both dGPU & eGPU  


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Capturing this nugget courtesy of @protogon from here in it's own thread.

@protogon managed to get an RTX 2080 Max-Q and Titan Xp to be driven by the same CUDA driver here with these steps:

Posted by: @protogon

The point is to have the exact same version of drivers for both cards. Cuda is the only nvidia package that has all drivers so...

  1. Restart in safe mode and use DDU to uninstall all GPU drivers
  2. restart in Unsigned Driver mode
  3. While there Download full cuda toolkit (not network) and extract. Keep an eye and copy the path of the folder it extracts.
  4. Don't continue installation and don't cancel because temp files will be deleted.
  5. Go to device manager and on each gpu update drivers by selecting the exact path and correct driver like:
    Browse my computer for drivers -> Let me pick from a list of available driver -> Have disk ->
    C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local\Temp\CUDA\universal\Display.Driver
  6. Do this for each card and hopefully it will install succesfully.
  7. If you havn't done so then you can continue cuda installer to install physx, hd audio etc. If you are not a Cuda developer remember to uncheck the cuda development toolkit cause is it 2,4Gb.

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