Dell 9550 + ADT-Link R43SG-TB3 + RTX 2060 Super (Help needed!)
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Dell 9550 + ADT-Link R43SG-TB3 + RTX 2060 Super (Help needed!)  


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I've been trawling through the boards here for a few weeks now, trying to get my setup working, but I seem to be continually running into a couple of issues. 

Most of the time, the RTX 2060 gets code 43 shortly after being detected by the device manager. If it doesn't, the external monitor that the eGPU is connected to stays black anyway. The eGPU shows up in GPU-Z and HWinfo with all the correct details, but I can never detect a second display, even when the code 43 clears.

I've tried the following:

-Updating BIOS, Thunderbolt Firmware/Software, Drivers

-DDU, dGPU and eGPU as Microsoft Basic Display Adaptors, clean driver install, disable the dGPU, and run the error 43 fixer script (sometimes works for only a second, sometimes stays fixed?)

-DDU, only installing the driver to the eGPU with 'Update Driver' and pointing to the specific .inf file

-Using older versions of NVIDIA drivers, older Thunderbolt Software (version 16.x)

-Taking out JMP1 and setting SW2 to 2 on the ADT-Link R43SG 

-Different combinations of disabling/enabling the iGPU, dGPU, and eGPU (or the PCI port they're connected through), uninstalling the dGPU, reseting, troubleshooting, changing the order of how things are installed, etc


Does anyone have any advice? I'm tearing my hair out!

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How are you powering these components? Error 43 could be power related. If the RTX 2060 Super only has one 8-pin it may not get enough power. Can try a dual 8-pin to single 8-pin adapter and see if it helps.

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