Dell G5 5587 Razer Core X with R9 290 testing GPU
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Dell G5 5587 Razer Core X with R9 290 testing GPU  


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working well so far. The Dell 5587 is vanilla no undervolting, just disabled Nvidia gtx1060 onboard and deinstalled Nvidia stuff at all. Booting from cold, get from Dell bios the message using power over a not allowed port(tb3) with continue laptop still booting to grub for Linux or windows. Here under windows I see then both screens. When close my int. screen can use the ext. for gaming, otherwise games starts over the internal screen. Or I boot the laptop choose windows and start the egpu when on login screen from win10. Then the egpu takes control and change to the ext. screen. Exciting, the 3070 can come 🥳

P.S.: everything under win10 1909 up2date

any tips for undervolting with throttlestop??

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