Dell XPS 13 2in1 9365 Build with Razer core x and RX 570 8gb Video Rendering?
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Dell XPS 13 2in1 9365 Build with Razer core x and RX 570 8gb Video Rendering?  


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Hey guys,

I have recently bought a Razer core x and the gpu Radeon Saphire Pulse RX570 8gb in order to boost my Gaming experience and improve video rendering speed.

Everything works fine. Have connected the egpu with my laptop succesfully and gpu is detected in devicemanager. But now the crux of the problem is that when i want to render my video with After Effects the gpu (RX570) is only used to 4-8%. Also the VRAM isnt used at all (1-2%). I have also deactivated my in-build gpu the intel hd 615.

My After effects Project: i make piano covers with particle visualization (like Rousseau if u know him). So when i press the keys particles will fly up using the Trapcode effect Particular. I have also set the Renderer of the Particle to GPU Direct (u can choose direct or streaming...idk the difference). My render times without the gpu is approx. for 1:40 min video 12h using Media Encoder with gpu accelerated mode which uses approx the intel 615 hd 20-30%.

But when i made it with the egpu render time were 10h. so a difference of 2h. But why is it only using 4-8 %, it would be faster if i can use more than that?


I have already the newest driver for radeon. For razer core x i didnt download any driver(is there perhaps anything i have to download?)

However, when i play asphalt 9 the gpu uses up to 40% of gpu... I dont know what i can do more, because i bought this mainly for faster redering. there were also some saying that with the H.264 Encoder the cpu is more used. But if i add a plugin like handbrake or Voukoder (as it uses opencl more for gpu encoding) i should be able to get faster rendering...havent tried that but will do that in the next days.


Is there sth i did wrong?

Would be happy for any answer/help:)



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