Display connection might be limited
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Display connection might be limited  


Yuxin Li
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I have a build of 2018 MacBook Pro 13' with 4 TB3 ports, 5700xt and the Razer Core X Chroma. Everythings work fine under macOS. When I first tried to use the build under Windows I found some spreads say that you can hot plug the eGPU in 18362.295. I did so and the enclosure somehow worked several times. But the system didn't show iGPU in the device manager. Then I followed a guide to try to use rEFInd. Turned out I wasn't so good with the coding staff. Couple days ago I found there was an update on the automate thing. So I tried that one. There is an issue is that I am able to boot into Windows, only if I connect the eGPU before login to desktop. If I connect eGPU at the very beginning, the system will stuck at a Windows logo point. And if I connect eGPU after I login to desktop, the system won't detect the eGPU. The most annoying thing is that, Windows continues showing a message which is Display connection might be limited. DisplayPort/MHL connection might not work. And I can feel there maybe some dropped frame in games and even the graphic effect. But when I check the FPS and the refresh rate of my monitor. They are all showing good data. So, without any error code or message, the DP connection is all I can get. I really don't know what's the issue here. Please someone help me. Thanks.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.