Do not buy the Razer Core X Chroma - 3 Week Story Conclusion
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Do not buy the Razer Core X Chroma - 3 Week Story Conclusion  


Steve Main
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So I have decided to return my Razer Core X Chroma.. It was a hard decision because I really wanted it to work but I also don't and should not need to babysit hardware, it should just work period. Since day one I have been playing email tag with Razer support and I have to tell you it is painful. I know that they have to ask you typical questions like what OS, what driver versions, etc.. The level 1 support rep did their job and when they could not fix the issue they moved to level 2 support which for some reason is only by email. After 10 emails back and forth and 3 week the only thing accomplished was they got me to test if removing the GPU form the cases fixes the latency issue I was having with my camera. Great idea and the result was YES it did fix my camera flicker issue which means that the issue I was having was that my camera was not being given proper priority because the GPU was given higher priority. It makes sense but should be taken into account, as a user we should be able to specify the priority of devices plugged into the USB ports or just assume priority needs to be given to all USB ports. Like think about what USB devices are going to be plugged into these ports Razer:

Gaming Mouse (Priority)
Gaming Keyboard (Priority)
Condenser Mic / Sound Board (Priority)
Camera (Priority)
Streaming LED Light (Not Priority)
Phone Charger (Not Priority)
Printer (Not Priority)


Like this list is pretty much priority devices and I would say ANY gamer would rather give up 2-3 FPS so that any mouse movement is recognized immediately and accurately, or that their audio is clear on stream or to other players, and that their video is clear, and finally that their keyboard presses are received immediately when the key is pressed. IMO this issue alone is enough to return the product. After reading countless Reddit and forum posts, Razer has just made a flawed product and until they release a firmware update or a new version that addresses this massive USB latency issue the device is useless as a hub and I hope the forum makes sure they add this to their PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING A GPU list of issues


As for a useful, working eGPU case, I am not sure who is at blame here! eGPU case manufacturer? Video Card? Laptop Manufacturer? Intel? After 3 weeks with support they decided to just blame Dell and my refresh rate settings as a possible reason. This was to address the reason as to why my computer would freeze up and only allow like 3-5 FPS was crippling. I was streaming once and playing and streaming 6 tournament tables with GGPoker and the system just stated to do the 3-5 FPS and the machine became unusable. CPU numbers were fine (20%), GPU numbers were fine (13%), Memory numbers were fine (52% of 16GB in use), Temps were fine (52 degrees) A reboot was the only way to fix the issue. You can imagine how frustrating this is when you have live cash tournaments in play and your machine needs to reboot. I was hosting a 100 person meeting for work where I was the host and the one running the presentation and it the same issue happened again and I had to halt the meeting for 8 min and this time a reboot didn't fix it and I had to unplug the eGPU for everything to go back to normal. Now Dell could be to blame for BIOS settings or maybe not implementing thunderbolt right but other external devices work fine with Thunderbolt. I know the whole eGPU thing is a new world and manufacturers are finding out how to do it right and eGPU case manufactures are also trying to grow in this new world but as an IT professional that deals with computer issues all day I could not solve the issues. I tried so many BIOS settings and enabling and disabling my internal GPU and then forgetting to turn the iGPU back on when not plugged into the eGPU. No one should ever have to do this much work to get a device to work properly and I cannot imagine a normal users knowing even how to do half of this stuff. I get that an eGPU would need some config changes but once those initial changes are set it shoudl just work. And these deices are not cheap! Mine was $800 CDN and I lost almost 12-16 hours playing with settings and configuration and driver roll back and driver settings and reading forum posts and Reddit. It's not fun for sure. All these reviews of these device try to paint them as some kind of magic device and they just work, well they don't in this case and lesson learned!


So I have decided to return the device and go back to using a USB Hub sadly. I was really hoping this would be an amazing solution for workstations at work. We are in the process of setting up 20 hotel desks where we want to allow a user (Mac/PC) to book a desk and they can just come in and plug in 1 cable and have a very hearty machine available to them that lights up 2x 27 inch 4K monitors. This idea has been squashed now and we have to go with USB C Docking stations that can only support 1080P monitors and will be limited by their iGPU.


I am a tecnolust and was hoping this would work and was the future for mobile and remote users. Maybe another eGPU will work better but this was my experience with the Razer Core X Chroma and why I am returning it. I am trying to leave emotion out of the review and only state facts but tis hard when you put this much time into it. I hope this helps anyone else with with their decision buying process

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Looking at your signature (because you haven't provided any info in the post), i checked the specifications of Latitude 5290 and it has OPTIONAL thunderbolt3. Are you sure that yours does?

Then, even if - it seems to me like you may just have a bad one i guess. I bought my core x chroma and it works pretty much plug and play. set up thunderbolt options in bios, booted up, installed drivers, done.

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Same for me on my Lenovo P72 and both of my Dell laptops, works like a charm. Did you try to uninstall or perform clean driver setup?

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I think the issue here is that you bought the Chroma with the intention of it being both a eGPU + a handy USB hub.

My comment is that the Thunderbolt 3 connection is probably struggling to share/juggle everything when it simply can’t.

I bought the non-Chroma model so the TB3 port was dedicated to being “just a GPU running an external monitor.”

I would NOT recommend the Chroma model if you intend to also use it as a USB hub.

However I would recommend the Chroma model if you like RGB lighting.



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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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I got the same kind issue with usb / ethernet hub card in this enclosure.

On some laptop it caused BSOD, on other complete ethernet instability or USB stuttering...

So I ended removing this PCI card form the enclosure and using a separate dock for everything beside eGPU.

To me, the ASMEDIA USB controlers might be the source of most of the issues.

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I have some other issues with my Core X Chroma enclosure but not the same as you describe.

Got a Razer USB webcam connected to the enclosure and it works without issues. All my USB devices are connected to the enclosure and are working, however they are all Razer products (BlackWidow Elite keyboard, Naga Trinity mouse, Nommo Chroma speakers, Kiyo webcam). They have to be directly connected though as adding an USB hub will cause constant disconnection issues.

Also no freezing or low FPS issues.

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