Does DLSS work using the internal display / loopback?
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Does DLSS work using the internal display / loopback?  


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I have had a lot of fun messing around using a late 2015 iMac 4k (iGPU only, 8GB RAM) with an Aorus Gaming Box 1070 over the last 5-6 years. It still works really well with lightweight games at 1080p such as Apex, Overwatch, Fortnite, etc. I am itching to replace the 1070 with a 3060 or 3060 Ti (Asus Dual Mini), but in my usage scenario it seems like a lot of Nvidia features require the display to be connected directly to the GPU. The 1070 doesn't support DLSS, and Nvidia Image Scaling doesn't work on the internal display. Also, there is a severe bandwidth issue using the internal display over TB2 - any resolution above 1152p starts dropping frames. 1440p runs at about 48 fps and 4k drops down into the 20s. That isn't a huge deal, though, because 1152p scales really well on the 21.5" display. 

I know upgrading the GPU isn't the best value - this is more of a fun side project. However, if upgrading to an RTX 3xxx won't help with features or bandwidth, please let me know so I can watch this Aorus 1070 Box ride off into the sunset :-).

iMac 4k 2015 - 21.5" (iGPU only)
i5-5675R @ 3.10 GHz
Aorus Gaming Box 1070 via TB3 > TB2 adapter
...also 1 successful session with 3060 Ti, honest!: /> Windows 10.0.17134