eGPU error 12 fail after update to Windows 10 1903 or newer (OS Build 18362.329 ...
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[Solved] eGPU error 12 fail after update to Windows 10 1903 or newer (OS Build 18362.329 or newer) inc downgrade pci.sys version solution  

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Followed the guide of @kevin_smets but tweaked it at steps 8-10. 

  1. Installed Windows 10 Pro v18362.30
  2. Edited group policies to block Windows updates (run: gpedit.msc)
  3. Download RED Driver 2020 in
  4. Disabled Facetime and bluetooth in device manager
  5. Booted into safe mode and ran DDU v18.0.2.3, removed Gfx drivers and shut down
  6. Restarted without the eGPU and booted using Goalque‘s automate-eGPU EFI
  7. When booted into the menu of automate-eGPU, plugged in the enclosure and started windows
  8. When Windows was booted, install the AMD RED Driver 2020 and restart.
  9. By going to device manager -> update driver for the unrecognised graphics card -> selected the folder with the AMD drivers (C:\AMD) and they installed just fine.
  10. Unplug after shut down.

Game on after 3 days of research and patience!!

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I've been running EGPUs for more than three years now.  Never had a problem until May, 2020.  In my opinion, the problems are stemming from forced Windows Updates and Forced and Persistent Monitoring by Windows Defender.


Remember, that when downgrading to a previous Windows update version, always disconnect your EGPU unit.  That should solve any issues with downgrading.


That being said, I am currently running:


Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

Version 1909

OS build 18363.815

HP Elitebook 2570p running an Nvidia EGPU card via PCI Express Card Slot (using an adapter and external PSU)

And all this, with complete EGPU success.

Windows Defender is the real culprit because any new update of Windows will re-instate Windows Defender in all of its glory.  So, follow this great link but, when you disable the Windows Defender through the registry, also make sure that a service called "ServiceKeepAlive" is not enabled.  This is Microsofts most recent effort to keep Windows Defender running.  However, we can put a stop to that.

This little demon will keep Windows Defender alive unless you disable it through the registry.  So, simply double click on it and change the value of the digit from zero to one.


What this all means....


We are obviously in a battle over using our EGPUs with our laptaps as we see fit and the current Microsoft Big Brother Administration.  This "control" is no different than the controls that have been implemented into Facebook and Youtube censorship over the past couple of months.  Big Brother wants to control every aspect of your life.  Think deeply about this.  Our every thought and action is now being threatened by the evolving tech giants.  And, it probably all comes down to money and profit.  Hey, as far as Microsoft is concerned, if I want to play a PC game that requires a large graphics card, than I should have to spend my hard earned cash and by a second desktop computer to due so.  In that way, the computer manufacturing companies make their cash and Microsoft makes their profit in selling the Windows Operating System for $200 or whatever the Pro version sells for these days.

Collectedly we need to take a stand for our right to use an external graphics card with our monitor of choice through our lap tops.  This is not hacking, this is genious, and we are simply making full use of our equipment that we purchased through our own hard work.

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I can say that I'm very close to beating this problem.


Windows Server 2019 has been a pain to use but after stripping out all the fluff, getting the new 20.4.2 installed AND the new catalyst app, everything runs 4K/Ultra/60fps.  The only problem, seems to be:


No Forza Horizon 4 until I can figure out how to enable Windows Store without downloading a shady Github package.

Apex of all games refuses to work.  It just refuses.  No idea why.  All I get is a shimmering effect and then crash to desktop.  It's a shame, because on Windows 10, I was getting 4K/Ultra/60 fps.  But now...crash.


Mac Mini 8700B/32/Radeon VII-CoreX

Bright side is I'm stuck on 1803 and I don't care about updates.  Microsoft can't scare me.  If I could get Apex fixed and Windows Store installed...perfect setup.

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Mac mini 2018 with Razer Core X and AMD Vega 56. I just upgraded from 1909 18363.778 to 1909 18363.836  without issue. I really thought I would have to replace the pci.sys file.



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Hello everyone,


I just wanted to write this post as like many, windows has been a pain for AMD eGPU when using systems like Bootcamp from apple and etc. I just wanted to share that like many i have tried so many different methods to get it working but as usual i would get the annoying Error 12 and blackout screens. However i believe i have come up with a solution that i was able to achieve today and so far its working really well. So i would like to share the steps I took that worked with my system. As mentioned this worked for me and I hope it works for you. (I have tried my best to write it in detail)


This is my setup:

-Mac Mini 2018 3.0Ghz 6 Core

-Razer Core X eGPU Case with a Radeon 5700

-Windows 10 Pro with update 2004

-I have a samsung 34inch ultrawide 100hz 3440x1440 Display that connects to my my eGPU by means of displayport.



(First 3 steps I'm using the internal GPU in my mac mini)

1) Fresh Install of Boot Camp

- On mac side, I downloaded from windows website the latest ISO file which is May update version 2004

- Using Boot Camp Assistant, Do the usual steps to install windows 10


2) Windows 10 installation Complete, Now Boot Camp Drivers!

- Once you are in Windows 10 on your boot camp side, Boot Camp driver software will come up automatically and install everything that is needed.

- Once finished the computer will reset.

- Once back in Windows 10, open settings and go to Update & Security. Click on Check for updates.

- This will now find new updates like security and so forth. But you will find one come up called Apple (i cant remember the exact number)

- Once all updates are done. Restart the computer and log back in into Windows.


3)  eGPU AMD Driver Setup.

- Plug in thunderbolt 3 cable from eGPU to Mac Mini Thunderbolt 3 port.

- windows will now setup up display driver and so forth. Once that's all done. Shut Down computer.

- Unplug thunderbolt cable and turn on computer to log back into windows with the internal GPU.

- Plug back in the thunderbolt cable and windows will do a noise to recognise a connection.

- However no drivers are installed as of yet for this. 

- Download and run setup of AMD 20.3.1 Radeon 2020 software drivers

- Now installing will go to the end and fail - something that many have experienced. But its ok, it will still work.

- Right click windows start button and choose Device management. Make sure now that the display has changed the name to your graphics card. In my case 5700.

(It will have the yellow mark on it as error 12 as we know)

- Turn off Computer.

- Once again unplug thunderbolt 3 and turn on Computer and Log in once again using the internal GPU


4)  pci.sys File replacement ( this is the tricky part)

-  You need to have the pci.sys from 1903 version for this to work. I can try and provide the file if i figure out how to upload it. Since i know mine is working.

-  Navigate to C Drive --> Windows --> System32 --> drivers 

- find pci.sys, the file size of it should be something like 464kb

- Copy and paste it somewhere else and rename it to something like pci_original.sys. So you have a backup of it.

- Go back to the drivers folder

- Right click on pci.sys and go to properities.

- Choose Security tab and then advanced.

- another box appears and it will say name and owner on the top. Click on the change button next to the owner.

- another box comes up with text field to enter object name. This is where you type in the name of the user folder in c drive --> Users 

- Then click on Check Names. If its correct it will accept it.

- Click OK, then ok again. It should now display Security properties box. Click on Edit to edit permissions.

- Choose USERS from the list and then tick Allow on the full control grid.

- Click Apply and Apply once more to close the properties box.

- Now we can delete the original pci.sys file.


- Copy and paste now the 1903 version pci.sys file in the drivers folder.

- Now we have to do the same thing as before for the permissions.

- right click, choose properties. NOTE: in General tab on the bottom it will say something blocked. click Unblock.

- Then go to security, advanced, change button next to owner. Type in your user folder name. Click on check names. Apply.

- click Apply one more time to take you back to the security tab and then click on edit.

- Just like before you need to click on USERS and then allow full control.

- Click apply until you close the properties box.


IMPORTANT NOTE: its important to change the permission on the file, because if you don't and you delete the original and replace it with the 1903 version,

and do nothing else, what happens is that When you reboot the computer and run it from your eGPU, it will work for 2 seconds but then the screen will go black as windows replaces the file back to the original which then gives you the same Error 12.

So once you have replaced the pci.sys file with the 1903 version. Two main things have to happen before restart.

1) unblock it

2) change permission for user to allow full control.


- Once thats all done. Turn off computer. Plug back in the thunderbolt 3 cable to eGPU and unplug other connect types like HDMI or usb-c so that it runs

purely by eGPU and turn on your system once more.

- And you should see it work straight away.

The amd software works as well, even though the installation failed.  You can right click on desktop and click on AMD Radeon Software.

The software works really well. Gives temperature, all tools to use plus freesync works. 


I hope this in-depth tutorial of what i did works on your system as well. Let me know how you go. 

So far im installing some games, and then ill test performance and share my results soon. In the meantime, I know its working because the software it working

and there is no more error on the driver in device management.


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The latest win 10 build 19649.nm .200530-1731 plus using Apr (latest) AMD drivers from

Updated to MacOs 10.15.5

Installed bootcamp partition

Joined windows insider and upgraded to latest fast ring build. 

Used group policy settings to stop further updates (for now)

Installed and drivers from (with the egpu connected)  

Rebooted and all good - no PCI.sys needed  


Thanks to all for your help and @itsage particularly. 

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@st1000, Thank you for the success update! I wonder if we can disable system updates while still enrolled in Windows Insider.


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@st1000, Thanks for sharing. Has someone made the same experience. But with a MBP 16 2019. So far I know, the pcie port is different with that mode. And that is an issue.


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@itsage, ah, OK. I disabled updates in group policy so assumed would work? Maybe not?


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@andreas_thomaidis, i tried following your steps, but did you upload the 1903 file somewhere? Because i dont have that file. Thanks for the effort!


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