eGPU error 12 fail after update to Windows 10 1903 or newer (OS Build 18362.329 ...
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[Solved] eGPU error 12 fail after update to Windows 10 1903 or newer (OS Build 18362.329 or newer) inc downgrade pci.sys version solution  

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Carl Schroter
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Hey guys !

Hope someone can help me with my build. 


I'm still very frustrated ! I followed each step of the psi.sys replacement. 


I have a Macbook pro mid 2017 (iGPU) with a eGPU 6700 XT Red Devil and Razer Core

So the only difference was the different drivers to download and install.

- Adrenalin 21.5.2 Recommended (WHQL)

I could identify my eGPU in device management with the typical error 12. 


After making all the replacement stuff it was not possible to enter windows anymore. 

- It keeps booting over and over again with eGPU connected after the logo appears.

- Without the eGPU connected it also boots again and again, the only difference is that I see the spinning circles below the windows logo.


I installed win 2004 pro and replaced the psi.sys file with de 1903 v1. 

I also installed all updates for win 2004 at Update & Security. Could this be a mistake ? Since this tutorial is from June of 2020. 


Any suggestions or insights would be much appreciated 


Thanks !!!

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I haven't figured it out either. I've tried a number of 'hacks' across these forums, including the pci.sys replacement, but no luck.

Last night, though, I finally gave up and went back to 1809 (which I initially had working after buying my eGPU in late 2018). It worked easily the first go (following my notes from back then... there are a couple tricks). So, there's certainly something different about 1903+ that causes problems for my setup, too (2018 mini w/ Blackmagic eGPU).

I know the Blackmagic is a bit of an odd-duck (driver installers often don't know quite what it is), which is probably why I can't follow instructions others are having with the 2018 mini and an AMD RX580. I just haven't figured out exactly what it is, yet.

I also wanted to rule out Mojave, as I was probably on a bit older OS in 2018, though not positive on that. Certainly, there have been some incremental updates, and I'm pretty sure a firmware update or two. I was concerned one of those might have been at the root of the issues, but it isn't (at least getting it going on 1809 again).

I'll write up what I find after I come to some conclusions (in a different or new thread). I'm thinking about finding an 'imaging' or move utility for Win10 so I don't have to start over so much. (I messed it up again, last night, trying to update the AMD drivers, but hope I can just run DDU and start that aspect over).

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I really feel bad for those that are having trouble with their eGPU setups.

Just to reiterate what I have said before, I had a lot of trouble with my setup until I used the PCI.sys trick and it worked. However I did have to try it a couple of times before I did it correctly.

All I can really say is, follow the guide STEP BY STEP. I tried it a couple of times thinking I knew what I had to do, however there are a couple of small steps which I missed in the original guide. I suggest printing out the steps and doing it step by step while reading it. DO NOT jump ahead and think ok, just click next.

I recently was having some issues with the drivers from Bootcamp drivers and have now reverted back to the standard AMD drivers (as I don't have an integrated GPU in my MacBook. They have worked well, and don't have an issue. The only trick I had to do was

1. Begin install of AMD drivers, wait for the reboot

2. Unplugged GPU, and booted up to logon screen

3. Reconnected eGPU, logged on and let install finish

Has worked without issue since then.

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After 2 years of EGPU usage, I am about to throw the towel into the ring.

To be fair, it's basically because my 13 inch Spectre laptop broke down, but those 2 years of EGPU haven't been smooth sailing either. So, I'm just gonna buy a gaming laptop with a dedicated GPU in there, while trying to resell the RTX2070 Gaming Box.

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Mini i5
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Yo, Microsoft itself is finally gonna directly support Thunderbolt (!) in its own Surface hardware line beginning October 5th. 

So don’t leave the game now. 😉

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@mini-i5, if it's just the Surface thanks.

My reason for moving away from it all is the bad experience I've had with my HP Spectre Ultrabook; all the overheating issues. 

I don't trust thin, small and light anymore - so I'm probably getting an Asus ROG G15 whereas in the past I could afford a Dell Precision. 


HP Spectre X360 13inch Diamand Cut 2019 i7 - 8565U with 8Gb RAM + Aorus Gaming Box RTX2070

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