eGPU - internal display acceleration problem
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eGPU - internal display acceleration problem  


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to setup eGPU with my new laptop, but I have a problem in setting the eGPU to accelerate the internal display of the laptop.

I'm building eGPU environment with 'HP Spectre x360 13'' late 2019' and 'Razer Core X Chroma with RTX 2080 Super'. I'm not using any external monitors.

After receiving my new laptop, What I've done is,

1. Install softwares & drivers through the HP support software

2. Windows update (Now it is up to date)

3. Update the BIOS with the latest version (It is F1.5).

4. Install HP Thunderbolt 3 Dock G2 Firmware & driver

5. Install Intel Thunderbolt controller driver

6. Install the latest Intel Graphics Driver

After that, I connected eGPU to my laptop and confirmed that its status is 'connected' in the 'Thunderbolt Control Center' app, then I installed the latest RTX 2080 super driver.

Then I opened the windows task manager and played a video in the Youtube and found that it wasn't using eGPU, but using iGPU.

I was aware that I can run apps with eGPU by setting the GPU preference in the setting>Display>Graphics settings, but I wanted to use the eGPU as the default GPU without specific preference settings (we don't need to do that kind of things with the Desktop and that was what I want to).

In the NVIDIA Control Panel app, I've already set the 'preferred graphics processors' to the 'High-performance NVIDIA processors' in the 'Manage 3d settings' and the 'PhysX processor' to 'Geforce RTX 2080 Super' in the 'Configure Surround, PhysX', but it didn't work.

I struggled for hours, and finally I made it. I checked the eGPU is used when watching videos in the Youtube, and I also run the Fire Strike 3D Mark which showed me 16K graphic score. But I don't remember what I did for that (I might have done nothing)... That makes me crazy now...

I was able to use the eGPU for the internal display acceleration in the way I want, but whenever I plug in and plug out the thunderbolt cable, the display was blinking. Not only just for the eGPU cable, but also for the HP Charging cable. It was annoying and I thought that something went wrong in the installation of the drivers, so I decided to reinstall the windows. That opened the hell gate... (The display blinking was because of the HDR setting. Its default setting was enable HDR on AC Power and disable it on battery. I didn't need to reinstall the windows...)

I did the same 6 things that I listed above, but I can't use the eGPU as it was before reinstalling the windows...

Yes, I can use the eGPU if I launch apps by right clicking and choose the graphic processor, but I cannot give it up because now I know the fact that the eGPU can work in the way I want.

Anybody can help me? This is really weird and it is driving me crazy.

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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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Check Windows' Power Mode. Set it to Best Performance.


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