eGPU not detected / Razer Core X / DELL Precision T5810
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eGPU not detected / Razer Core X / DELL Precision T5810  


Felix Abraham
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I'm currently trying to build an eGPU setup. As a freelance photographer and filmmaker I was looking for an easy 'on demand' GPU performance upgrade, both for my MPB 13" 2017 and my Windows based DELL Precision T5810. 

I just received my Razer Core X and equipped it with a AMD Radeon VII. So far so good, I've successfully connected it to my Macbook Pro and got a huge performance boost in Resolve and Photoshop. 

For the use with my DELL Workstation I've added a Gigabyte Titan Ridge TB3 Card, connected it internally (TBT Header & PCIe). The system was immediately successfully recognizing the Core X as a new TB device (see screenshots). It's powering up as soon as the Precision is booting. Still I have no chance to reveal the Radeon VII in the device manager. It's only showing the internal Quadro K4200

So far, I've many different solutions which I found on Reddit and on this forum, but neither updating the BIOS nor all the other drivers gave me any advantages. When I'm placing the Radeon VII directly in one of the Workstations PCIe slots the card is recognized and working just fine. 

Are there any steps I might have overseen? Thanks so much in advance for your thoughts on this! 



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@felix_abraham, what is the model of your DELL Workstation? It's interesting because I thought only original Dell's PCIe cards would work in that situation.

Did you plug the Displayport to Displayport cable from the Dell video card to the Gigabyte Titan Ridge TB3 Card?


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