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eGPU performance issues: 9550 + Razer Core (rx480)

eGPU performance issues: 9550 + Razer Core (rx480)  


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Hello everyone, I paired a razer core with a rx480 and linked it with my xps 9550. My drivers are up to date and I use the eGPU on a 1080p external monitor. That said, I happen to have huge performance issues in video games with FPS for games like Cities Skylines (low 50 fps with unbuilt land and 30 when reaching very small amounts of pop/items on screen.) or The Witcher 3 (30-ish in high detailed environments, where it should reach 55 easily.). I ran Unigine and the test performed according to what it should. I tried playing with the settings on TW3 to see if anything changed (fps wise) to no avail, in fact the fps count did not increase when decreasing some parameters ? Also, at some point the fps decreased and stayed at 25 fps. While undertaking those tests the GPU never was fully loaded (TW3: 50-60%).

Has anyone an idea on what is going on ? And what I could do to fix the problem ?
Thank you 🙂
(I posted on reddit aswell, someone answered yet unfruitfully: )

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Have you tried disabling the internal Nvidia dGPU? Also make sure to set the external monitor connected to eGPU as the primary display.

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