eGPU usage while benchmarking not reaching 100%
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eGPU usage while benchmarking not reaching 100%  


Kyle Landrith
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Okay, so after some abysmal performance under Linux with my eGPU setup (rtx 2080 super), I went ahead and installed a copy of windows 10 to dual boot with. All of my benchmark scores went up, except data transfer speeds obviously. However, under Linux my eGPU was being used to 98-100% while benchmarking, and now in windows running superposition it's only averaging 89-90%. Is this normal? Shouldn't it be pegged running the 4k test? My numbers aren't bad, but I definitely feel like there is room for improvement here if the GPU isn't being utilized fully.

[EDIT] Turns out G-Sync was on and it was dropping it down a bit, BUT it still never goes above 95%. Am I reaching TB3 saturation, or possibly the I/O rate of my 2666mhz ram?

Here's a link to my 4k result

Looking at the analysis of my result, my min and max FPS per scene is fluctuating quite a bit, like I'm throttling somewhere (PCH? I put thermal pads on it, but they were cheap ones until amazon delivers the good ones). It's not my CPU, because I'm using MSI Afterburner and I can see that my CPU isn't throttling at all, it's holding steady around 3.9ghz. I would think that if it was my system memory bandwidth that was holding me back, the results wouldn't be so "bouncy," they'd just be lower...I'm on an older version of windows 10, should I update?

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