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eGPU & USB Windows partition

eGPU & USB Windows partition  


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Hello. I know I am pushing my luck here. I use a mid2015 MBP (AMD R9 iGPU) with a Aikito, Dell DA2, GTX970 eGPU on Windows 10 64bit. To save some space on the valuable SSD of the MBP I tried booting Windows 10 from an external USB SSD and that worked pretty well. However, once I install the nVidia drivers I start to see problems. That means Windows will freeze when I hotplug the TB2 or I get "ACPI_BIOS_Error" when booting Windows with the eGPU attached. The Windows partition of the internal SSD still works mostly fine (some hiccups here and there).

So my question: Do you see a specific reason why an USB Windows boot partition should not work? Should I give up on this idea?

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I would guess not many people have had the same setup as yours to provide an input. Booting Windows through an USB external drive should work. However with the eGPU as another external resource during the boot-up process, things may get dicey. 

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“I promised Optimus automation for a MBP11,5, and it is provided as “Disable dGPU ON/OFF” option. You will see black screen about 10 seconds, but the internal display is activated as soon as Windows has loaded.”

Do not perform Windows 10 updates. Turn on “Warm restart”. The demo app doesn’t support external SSDs.

Another way to solve the “ACPI_BIOS_ERROR” BSoD is to boot into macOS, run sudo ./ -a, select BOOTCAMP as the startup disk, and restart.

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