Endless Loop Restart when trying to log into Windows 10
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Endless Loop Restart when trying to log into Windows 10  


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Im at a loss at this point. I followed this method in an attempt to get get my eGPU to work with bootcamp. Ive done everything and am at the part where I am to reboot windows to confirm large memory area. When I reboot and get to automated EFI, press q, and then select load windows, one of two things happens:

1) If my eGPU is not plugged in, windows launches into Recovery Mode. Any choice basically leads to a restart. Or,

2) if the eGPU is connected/ plugged in, after pressing q if I select load windows it completely freezes. 

Apologies if this has been addressed but theres an abundance of information on here and after a week of tinkering, Im mentally exhausted lol.

Any solution to this? Any help would be appreciated 

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