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Error 12 boot on EXTERNAL SSD

Error 12 boot on EXTERNAL SSD  


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Hi Everyone,

I've been on the forum for a few weeks but still couldn't find the solution that can fix my problem. I've try this guide setup which is very similar to what I have but didn't work. I'm having the error 12 in Windows.

So basically the problem is the automate-EFI seems to be internal drive only, It freezes and stay in the part where you choose boot to macOS or Win in the automate EFI GUI after you choose Windows.
I'm booting from a usb-c external ssd(Sandisk External Extreme 500G) which boots totally fine, I got windows installed and setup with this tutorial from 9 to 5 Mac.

Here's my specs:
Mac mini late (2018)
3.2 GHz Core i7(the max one)
2T internal ssd
32 GB RAM(upgraded)

XFX Radeon RX 580 8G
Core X

Thank you!

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