Fed up trying to get the Aorus Box RTX 2070 and Dell XPS 13 9380 to work
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Fed up trying to get the Aorus Box RTX 2070 and Dell XPS 13 9380 to work  


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Background: I just bought an Aorus Box RTX 2070, an XPS 13 9380 and a new 144hz monitor. my first time trying an eGPU set up. Everything is connected to the right places with the right cables. BIOS updated to the latest one. here are the problems I've encountered

1 When I install the Nvidia drivers fro the Aorus Page, I get this error

2. When I try to install the Aorus firmware update utility I get this error regarding SDK


3. I guess the thunderbolt driver isnt a problem? the thunderbolt control center detects the Aorus Box, and i can output to an external monitor. Although it takes some playing around, such as powering both the laptop and box off, and connecting the box after the laptop is on

-- update --
after uninstalling TB3 controller, using DDU to uninstall the graphics drivers... then re downloading and installing TB3 controller via dell site, and using the DCH drivers directly from Nvidias site.. this finally allowed the Nvidia drivers to install..however  now theres no signal to the external monitor.
AND the Aorus Firmware update tool still has SDK errors

help!  I am this close to returning the Aorus box!

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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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I returned mine to get a Razer

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MY theory is that it's the Dell implementation of TB3. Granted, the XPS13 9360 is far from the 9380 with only 2x PCIe lanes in the 9360, but I had HUGE troubles getting the Gaming box to work. Absolutely no problems with my Macbooks (13 inch with TB1, and 15 inch with TB3, both under win10/linux of course).

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