FwUpdateCmd keeps crashing  


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I have a Lenovo laptop that I use for work, and I updated to the DCH drivers. However I keep getting a crash from FwUpdateCmd that Lenovo's update utility uses for firmware updates and similar. Do I have to uninstall the DCH drivers and use the previous version of Thunderbolt drivers to do a Firmware update? is this utility only capable of using non-DCH drivers?

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Humm, could be wrong but the DHC drivers are destinated to be used with UWP platform, on W$n10 it usually refer to the items that are implemented through the W$n10 store.
If my memories still keep up, the UWP platform is more secure and easier to deal with from a dev point of view, being compatible with different hardware devices.

So you are maybe right saying that the utility don't support the UWP drivers, either becaause the UWP drivers are signed digitally at higher level, either the UWP drivers do not recognize the utility as compatible to be installed with.

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