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GC-titan ridge problem  


johan du jardin
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Hi all, 

I've been testing a  GC-Titan-Ridge  AIC card with several motherboards (msi X399 gaming pro carbon, msi Z390(with TB header), Supermicro X10DRI) with windows 10 1903 (& 1909). I had to short pins 3 & 5 on the TB header and then everything works fine. I'm using a TB3 dock (2 displayport monitors, usb mouse & usb keyboard). Hotplugging seems to work fine as long as the peripherals are connected on boot.

All the computers have 1 problem though: the thunderbolt connection does not activate on a cold boot. I have to unplug & replug the  thunderbolt cable  for it to become "active". Restarting works fine.

I've tested the setups with several docks (caldigit ts3 plus, elgata TB3 dock)

I have also tested 3 different TB cables so I dont think its the cable.

I have also tested all the firmwares for the titan ridge (V50,v43,v23) and this makes no difference.

Anyone knows why the thunderbolt connection only "becomes active" after a unplug/replug ?

Thanks !


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