Getting started with debugging a thunderbolt setup
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Getting started with debugging a thunderbolt setup  


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I'm looking for resources for debugging a Thunderbolt setup on Windows 10, and my googling skills have failed me.

In particular, I'm looking for some "getting started" resources for figuring out why a piece of hardware isn't being recognized by Windows. I have a setup that works fine in macOS, the GPU is at least detectable under Linux, but never even shows up in "Device Manager" under Windows 10 (I assume I will get to the "Error 12" state at some later point.)

I think that I am looking for resources in any of the following forms:

  1. Here's the exact solution.
  2. Here's how to use tool X to diagnose TB problem Y.
  3. Here's how to start debugging the windows kernel, here's the relevant TB hooks, and this is how to set a logging breakpoint or whatever kernel people use.
  4. Other stuff that I don't even know I need to do first.

Some background for my specific problem:

Me: I'm extremely comfortable in mac/linux userland code. I've written about 3 kernel modules in my life, and debugged half as many using entirely printf debugging. I use windows to play games, but understand relatively little about it.

My setup (if it matters): macbook pro (late 2013), GeForce GT 750M internal, GeForce 1050 Ti sitting in an AKiTiO Node with a TB2 -> TB3 adapter.

Any pointers on where to start would be most appreciated.


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Unfortunately, there is an incompatibility issue on the Windows side where the 750m cannot be coupled with a thunderbolt 3 enclosure and an NVIDIA card. There is no success story with this specific configuration. I personally had to fall back on a Thunderbolt 2 enclosure. Another solution would be to change for an AMD card...

Sorry to bring so bad news to you...


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